CWkey5 *

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A Brief summary of CWkey5 features:
1....Keyboard generated cw, direct or from pre-programmed messages.
2....Keyer weight, character spacing, and cw speed adjustible on-the-fly.
3....Lets you build timed and repeating phrases within your messages.
4....Repeating on-off periods of send-receive automatically handled during EME schedules.
5....Controls your radio's T/R line for above(simple computer interface circuit required.).
6....Shows moon's azimuth and elevation at all times when in use.
7....Contains a full log editor that lets you manage your logs & log entries.
8....QSL labels can be printed using CWkey's comma delimited file builder.
9....Creates mail address label file for the above QSL labels.
10..Searches EME directory for names and addresses.
11..Searches the SAM database for names and addresses (if you use SAM).
12..Searches for full call signs based of identified call fragments.
13..Checks for duplicate calls in the active log (handy during contests).
14..Steers antenna position when connected to M2 Enterprise's RC2800P antenna controller (CWkey4 version only).
15..CWkey5 requires a Free COM port with IRQ, but generates clean cw while running in the BG under Win95/98.
16..Many other features.

* CWkey5 only works under Windows 98 or DOS, and requires a dedicated com port. Inexpensive older computers with two com ports work well

You will hear CWkey5 in action anytime you hear W5UN on 2 meter eme CW. It does all the work here.

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